Support / Operational FAQ's

Installation FAQ's

The fastapn service is non invasive, it can be run from a portable USB device which can be removed after use if required, although it does no harm to leave it plugged in, where you can take advantage of the SmartAV DNS cache, filtering and blocking of unwanted traffic, adware and Malware, and you can even use it for watching your favorite streaming services when your not in your home country..
There are also Ground and Mobile Network modes, and a Standby Blocking mode.

Installation Support

Its good practice to restart your browsers and any applications such as email clients, after you have plugged in the USB and started the service. In most cases this isnt required, but some applications have pretty good caches like chrome.

Step by Step Portable USB Creation

1. Insert a USB drive into any available USB slot on your device.
2. Click on the link to download the zip file. 3. Locate the downloaded file on your device, its normally the download folder.
4. Right click the downloaded file and select Extract All.
5. A window will ask you where to extract it to, select the drive letter of your USB stick, ie, D: or E:
6. Once complete, select the USB drive , you will see all the files extracted here.
7. Double click on connect, this starts the fastapn service.
8. You will see a window appear for your user name and password, enter those given when you enrolled for the service.
9, We have several global nodes, you will be asked for your user / pass on the first time (only) you access any node.
10. Right click the square icon on the task bar for mode / node selection, and for graphs and statistics if needed.
11. If the icon does not appear, select the up arrow by the clock and drag the icon to the task bar.

Where can I change operating nodes ?

If you right click the square icon and select profiles, they are all listed there. You have the choice of 6 locations, plus special connections for ground and mobile networks. You can also chhose to block all traffic to and from your device, and if your on an expensive network, such as Inmarsats BGAM, it can save you a small fortune.

Can I stream content from my home country ?

Yes you can, each of the global nodes has a proprietory SmartAV DNS, which positions you in any one of the selected locations. This is ideal for watching home content and for security on company VPN;s that are GEO specific.


The portable USB version installs no files whatsoever on your laptop or desktop, and the profiles are stored in a directory on the device called PROFILES. Should you accidently remove these or any of the files by mistake, just re download the zip file and replace them.

The USB has connected, but theres no traffic.

Check that you do have a good connection by wifi to the service, and make sure you have restarted your browsers and applications after plugging the USB in. You can further check for traffic by right clicking on the fastapn icon, and selecting proxifier, this will bring up live stats, connections as they happen and even traffic graphs.

I dont see the square icon on the task bar ?

This is quite common depending on your windows version. Just click the small up arrow near your clock and you will see it there with many others , its a square shape. Just drag this to your task bar, and it will stay there permanently..




For Aviation, Satcoms, ATG and High RTT networks

The FLYTLINK fastapn service uses multiple proprietory techniques that significantly improves internet access speed for networks and services, whilst substantially reducing unwanted traffic, without the inconvenience of installing any hardware or software, and works with any device.
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