Satellite Fast APN Server

If you use any satellite system for access to the internet, your up against long round trip times, and progressive delays due to loading, we have all seen it. This is due to your device not being configured to counteract the differences from a ground based system. The fastapn pepsal proxy and DrTcp correctly addresses these issues, you will see a phenominal increase in access and download speeds.

An Ultra High Speed Performance Enhancing Proxy based (PEP) and Gateway APN server for providing enhanced network services for all types of Satellite Connections, specifically Ku, Ka, aero, bgan and fleet.

Terrestrial Fast APN Server

Route to a Hyper Fast 12Gbps backbone with any mobile or static device. Incorporates advanced performance boosting capabilites and privacy enhancement as well as user definable port gateways and services

What does the FASTAPN do ?

  • Dramatically Increases Throughput
  • Replaces any Mobile or Inmarsat APN

  • Use as a VPN or PPP Gateway

  • Performance Enhancing Proxies

  • Service Protection and Restriction

  • Supports All Login Protocols, ie, PAP / CHAP

  • Traffic flow Control

  • Secures Access to your Network

Who is the FASTAPN for ?

  • Anybody that needs higher throughput

  • Airlines to enhance slow Satellite Services

  • Satellite End Users to boost connection speeds

  • Corporations that need to regulate access

  • Need for a Performance Enhancing Service

  • Use with browser credentials

  • Identify service utilisation